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The plants we grow

Our expert growers use technology and automation in our state of the art glasshouse to successfully grow a range of different plants. Our product range spans four main categories of plant: garden bedding & perennials, tulips, poinsettia and grow-your-own edibles.

We grow more than 70 different types of bedding plants, blooming from early spring all the way through to autumn.

Our bedding plant range includes varieties like geranium, petunia, dahlia, pansy, fuchsia, sunflower and busy lizzie. We also sell a well-established range of perennials for year after year colour including hydrangea, delphinium, salvia, hosta, and verbena.

We work closely with our suppliers to ensure we are using the best genetics, so that the plants we grow perform well in the home and garden environment for the consumer.

Lincolnshire is famous for tulip production and we are proud to be carrying on this tradition growing more than 25 million stems each year. We grow more than 40 different varieties of tulip each season from November until May.

Our tulips are grown in a hydroponic growing system in our glasshouse, where the bulbs are watered with a nutrient rich solution to help them grow. As a perishable product freshness is key, with our British grown tulips cut and delivered to stores within 48 hours the consumer is guaranteed the freshest of blooms.

We grow more than one million Poinsettia plants each year to meet Christmas demand. Although the traditional red Poinsettia is the most popular colour we are seeing increasing interest in white, pink and marbled varieties.

To turn the bracts from green to the familiar bright red colour that consumers know and love, we use blackout curtains in our glasshouse to mimic the shorter days of their natural habitat.


Our grow your own range provides easy-care starter plants for gardeners to create a kitchen garden at home. Varieties include cucumber, courgette, beetroot, aubergine, french beans and peppers.

We also supply hanging baskets of strawberry and tomato plants and a range of garden herbs.

Our Sustainable Approach

We take seriously our responsibility to protect natural resources from negative impacts. Our expert team ensures that every stage of the cultivation process is as sustainable as possible, nurturing every plant from seed to sale.

Technology & Innovation

Our large scale, state-of-the-art glasshouse in Lincolnshire uses pioneering technology and automation to grow plants efficiently and sustainably.

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